We make trusted

verification happen

Riverr provides an Online Trust Management Platform
solving the verification and privacy challenges for data in the maritime and health sector

We create a Framework of Trust

ensuring data security, privacy and control for
all stakeholders in the process of verification of credentials

Trust and control

Our turnkey solution for verifiable data, helps automate cumbersome workflows, improve trust and security, and reduce fraud and drive administrative efficiencies


We help people collect, store, and share their personal information safely and securely, and manage consent to validate their status without revealing underlying data


Riverr anchors digital ‘finger prints’ to the blockchain, thus making the data tamper-proof and easily verifiable

Delta medical

Issue tamper-proof HealthCerts

Issue tamper-proof medical records
Easily issue verifiable medical certificates directly to the patients’ digital wallet in an end-to-end encrypted environment.

Streamline and automate workflows
Smart-forms with built-in digital signing and approval flows save you time and minimise errors.

Comply with MOH
Issue COVID-19 Pre-Departure Tests (PDT) based on the HealthCerts standards mandated by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

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All your documentation
right at hand

free secure digital wallet for tamper-proof credentials and ID management. Gain full control over your personal profile and your certifications, and who to share your profile with to help automate administrative processes.

Never damage or loose a document again. With the Riverr eWallet you will always have access to your personal documents anytime and anywhere.

You can easily upload a new document or receive one directly in your wallet from one of Riverr’s partners.

Medical records

Certification Manager at heart with modular functionality



With Deltas modular functionality we are able to accommodate different workflows that require tamper-proof certification issuing. Using a highly regarded standard to store certificates on the blockchain our certification is trusted by major authorities.

By working in one system, all processes become standardised and transparent. This enables easy handover, follow-up and knowledge sharing between changing administrators and introduction to new staff.

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Start issuing verifiable credentials today

Verifiable digital travel credentials will help to facilitate a safe reopening of the international borders and the world economy,
as it provides a fast, frictionless and secure way for authorities to validate the COVID health status of travellers.

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